Artist Spotlight: Gabriel Milliet

Gabriel Milliet is a composer, music producer and singer songwriter from São Paulo, Brasil, currently based in Amsterdam.

GIULIA: How long have you been a musician?

GABRIEL: I started playing when I was around eleven years old. First it was the drums, and then the flute, and most recently guitar and singing. Music has been the lenses through which I understand stuff, my way of travelling around cultures and translating feelings and thoughts. 

GIULIA: What inspired your work?

GABRIEL: It changes with time I would say. Sometimes other artists, sometimes observations on daily life, sometimes ideas, sometimes feelings. I love Gilberto Gil because he is a huge philosophical groovy voice from the african diaspora, multi-talented and, although an old man now, he is still a vision of futures I believe. I am inspired by the weird and impulsive choices I made so far in life, like immigrating. And when I am doing music for films, dance or theatre, I think of a composer from São Paulo that I used to work for and from whom I learned a lot, Beto Villares he is called.

GIULIA: What is your background?

GABRIEL: My background is third-worldist cosmopolitan, Música Brasileira at the streets, but also at the university. I learned a lot by doing. Recently I did study film music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I am a composer and a curious, more like a generalist. 

GIULIA: Whose work are you a fan of within treehouse / who would you like to collaborate with?

GABRIEL: I would love to do more with Fuensanta Méndez and Alexander Paton

Find out more about Gabriel's work on his Instagram account!

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