Artist Spotlight: Laura Nygren

A lover of chamber music and orchestral playing Laura has appeared with Sinfonia Rotterdam and Berlin based ensemble s t a r g a z e. She is a founder the new music trio T R O M P O, indie-folk duo Woo Girls, and has her own solo project of bass and songs Show Pony.

Laura Nygren was born in the US and started playing cello at age 5 then moved to violin at age 7. She was always in contact with music, especially since her sister made her a mixtape with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody as well as Up on Crippled creek by The Band on it. She listened to it so much that she burned a hole in the CD.

She played violin in her school’s orchestra, then started studying double bass around the time she was 18 and moved to the Netherlands to study at the Utrecht Conservatory.

GIULIA: What inspired your work?

LAURA: I draw inspiration from many things, but particularly people. My mother is a big inspiration, she went art school at age 50 and is always painting, making prints, or sketching. I love going to museums with her. My father is also an inspiration. When I was a kid he installed a dark room in our basement and I was always fascinated by the mysterious ways he developed photos. It was like magic to me. Neither one of them are full time artists, but they always made time for it even while they were working.

I am also very attracted to digital art, technology, and modular synthesizers. I love the installation work (and music) of Nicholaas Jaar as well as audiovisual work of Tarik Barri.

In regards to musicians I’m a big fan and draw lots of inspiration from people like Bjork, Little Dragon, and Esperanza Spalding. A new discovery for me is a singer called Celeste. Her voices is incredible.

GIULIA: What is your background?

LAURA: I am an American classically trained double bassist. I’ve been in the Netherlands for 10.5 years. I did my masters degree in live electronic music and since graduating have been mostly working as a performer and educator. I’m looking forward to a few years filled with more composition and more performances than 2020.

GIULIA: Whose work are you a fan of within treehouse / who would you like to collaborate with?

LAURA: There are so many talented people at Treehouse! It’s hard to pick but to name a few...

Fellow countryman brett clouser

Talented bassist/ singer Fuensanta Méndez

You and your amazing visual work Giulia Principe

Photographer Benny van der Plank Benny van der Plank

My studiomate Marko Ivic Marko Ivic

Visionair Ordinair


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