Artist Spotlight: Marc Nijhuis, Thomas Slooijer and Thomas van Andel

This week the spotlight goes on Visionair Ordinair, a great trio of artists who created an audio comic library: Marc Nijhuis, Thomas Slooijer and Thomas van Andel.

GIULIA: When and how did you start your project?

THOMAS: Visionair Ordinair has started its journey far before they conquered the world with the sound nobody could resist. We've discovered the possibility of travelling through time by changing rhythm. Being able to do so requiered us to build ‘The world’s greatest audio comic laboratory of the universe: a one of a kind sound portal that leads you to galaxies far beyond spacetime. Unlike you might had expected, it does so in an unusual pleasant way, due to its dynamic adjustment to the frequency spectrum and its capability to overcome the harsnhess, boxieness, noise and rumble that usually came with more conventional experiments with timetravelling.

GIULIA: What inspired your work?

THOMAS: In general sound and (poly)rhythm, more specific time travelling. After being stuck in the loop of repetiton it was the drop that guided us towards a 5-layer audio strategy (we started of with 4 layers but later on came to the obvious yet complex conclusion that silence also had to acquire a comfortable position. Together they create a probability of multiple sweet spots, where listening to content and form are interchangeable and, thus, in spite of and therefore, inseparable.

GIULIA: What is your background?

THOMAS: Marc Nijhuis is an Audio Missionary & Podcast Preacher

Thomas Slooijer is a Forensic Audio Detective

Thomas van Andel is a Musicologist & wave modulator

GIULIA: whose work are you a fan of within treehouse / who would you like to collaborate with?

THOMAS: Collaboration yeah!

Hessel Du Mark (@hesseldumark)

Arjuna Schiks (@arjunaschiksmusic)

Bert Barten (@bartenbert)

Rachelle Meyer (@rachellemeyer)

Onur Kaletas (@0nur_kaletas)

Fennel Creative Content (@fennelcc)

Follow their work on Instagram and on the website Visionair Ordinair

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