Artist Spotlight: Wouter Space

Wouter has been tattooing for over three years and drawing his whole life, before he could even write his own name. He says “if you have two hands and eyes'' you can do it, he thinks anybody can draw. In fact he’s been collecting drawings in a book he called Het Lelijke Mensen Boekje (The Ugly People Book), asking anyone who visits him to draw an ugly person and sign their name as there is no wrong way of drawing something ugly.

He grew up in a very creative environment, and even though he was a very chaotic, hyperactive child, he could always find his peace while drawing and forget the world around him. He even used to draw on his own skin!

The permanence of a tattoo is part of what he always found intriguing about it and eventually brought him to become a tattoo artist.  

Traditionally, one needs to be an apprentice beforehand and learn to tattoo in all different styles. However he created his own style and soon decided to start his own studio.

His main inspiration goes from the Dutch masters, he mentions Rembrandt, and Picasso for the cubism movement. 

Check out his work here


Wouter Kuin
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH