Hessel Du Mark

Tonight, Hessel Du Mark makes his first (hopefully not his last 🤞🏼) appearance in the Voice of Holland 📺. To support him we share an unpublished interview 📝 we did with Mark past summer. Curious about Mark’s biggest inspiration? You’ll discover it (and more) below.


ROBBERT: What inspired you to start creating your own music?

MARK: I just really love music, and I have had this love from a young age. When I was younger, I wasn't capable of playing any instruments and I didn't have confidence in my singing voice. I started listening to rap and felt that I could attempt to write some raps myself. I did and 9 years later it plays a very large role in my life. 


ROBBERT: How would you describe your music?

MARK: I would describe it as wavy lyrical Dutch rap. I like to go deep with the wordplay and give people a piece of my thoughts, my very hectic absurd yet beautiful thoughts. Authenticity is very important to me, so I always try to add some unique elements.


ROBBERT: Which other artists have influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, taste in music and career path?

MARK: Kendrick Lamar is one of my biggest inspirations. One of the reasons I am so serious about my craft is because of Kendrick and what his music taught me when I was coming of age. Hip Hop to me is about words, and the format that rap has makes it possible to tell stories, describe feelings and lay out blueprints. This art form has given me a way in which to express myself and has provided me with many life philosophies. I remember listening to Kendrick's second mixtape 'Section 80' and he spoke these words which I still think about often: 'I spend 23 years of my life on this earth looking for answers, till I figured out I had to come up with my own'. I felt such relief and empowerment in that moment, and I hope I can pas that energy on to others as well.  


ROBBERT: Are there any upcoming projects that you’re excited about and want to share with us? 

MARK: Yeah 100%. I have my debut mixtape that is going to be released this summer. It is called 'CON ZEN TRA ZIE'(Consistentie, Zen, Transform, Zie). Most of it is recorded right here in my Treehouse studio. To me focus is the most valuable resource that the human mind possesses, and it is limitless, it can improve indefinitely. Concentration is what gives me everything I can be proud of and in a way has also shaped this project, in ups & downs. I will release a single to the EP within two months, so be ready. 


ROBBERT: Now that you have your own studio and are embedded in a community of like-minded peers, how do you think this will affect your work?

MARK: It helps a lot with being able to envision how to display your art, which is very big to me. Being able to visualize is a great motivation and having people that want to create great work in your immediate surroundings is dope. Also, in terms of helping each other it has been chill, when I need some help, I hit up Raffa my much-valued neighbors and it is fixed. If everyone in the community realizes what an abundance of knowledge we got within these containers, the future shall shine bright.  Vibes a crucial creativity and the vibe here is amazing, so I feel these vibes contribute a lot. 


ROBBERT: What if we gave you carte blanche, with which artist would you want to collaborate?

MARK: With Ray Fuego from SMIB. He is a very dope & unique artist; I think we could level. 


Want to see more of Mark’s work? 

Check out his YouTube and Instagram page.

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