Open Call
30 Jun
June 30, 2024

Deadline for Submissions: June 30th, 2024
Exhibition Dates:
Sept 12th to Oct 6th, 2024


Treehouse NDSM is currently running an Open Call for its next exhibition ‘Art Park II: Voice for Nature’, on view in September and October 2024. In 2022, Treehouse NDSM started a series of exhibitions about urban nature in relation to the municipality project of building a park on NDSM. This year, the exhibition delves into the concept of the rights of nature, paralleling the rights afforded to humans. We seek to challenge conventional perspectives and foster a deeper understanding of our relationship with the natural world. Artists from all backgrounds and working in any medium are welcomed to apply as long as their projects fit the exhibition's theme. We will put more focus on applications from local artists.



"Voice of Nature” invites artists to contemplate the notion of nature’s rights. Rights of nature is a legal theory that describes inherent rights of ecosystems and species, similar to the concept of fundamental human rights. Creating a true balance between what is good for humans and for other species is a holistic recognition that all life on Earth is deeply intertwined. How do we create spaces where these rights are protected within our cities? What would taking nature’s rights into account look like in an urban environment?

In an era marked by environmental crises and biodiversity loss, this exhibition serves as a platform to reframe our relationship with nature and advocate for its intrinsic value. Artists are encouraged to explore questions such as: How can we give a voice to nature? What would it mean to listen to what other species need? How can we create conditions that would allow us to truly cohabitate with nature in an urban space?      

On NDSM, an industrial area and former shipyard in the north of Amsterdam, the city would like to add more green spaces. This heritage area already functions as a creative hub for artists and free public space to host activities for the inhabitants. Through this exhibition we would like to reflect on the way we build parks and gardens in the city. Artists are encouraged to engage with diverse perspectives and propose imaginative solutions for integrating nature's voice into societal frameworks.

"Voice for Nature” seeks to ignite conversations and inspire action towards recognising and respecting nature through the power of art. Let us envision a world where nature is listened to and valued.

Please submit your application through this form


The curators of the exhibition, Treehouse resident Johannes-HarmHovinga and the director of Treehouse NDSM, will select 10 artworks that bring different reflections on the topic of Nature rights. With a background in landscaping, Johannes’ artistic practice and life have been influenced by the iconic Robert Smithson, a land artist dedicated to address social and environmental issues through his work.

The artworks will be exhibited on the 100m2-mezzanine of Treehouse NDSM’s Pavilion. There will also be space for one artist to set up a community art project based on the topic to take place before or during the exhibition. The jury will consider the relevance to the theme and the medium used, and will be especially interested in giving a voice to artists from Amsterdam Noord. An artistic fee will be given to each artist participating in the exhibition, with a separate, additional fee being available for the community art project. 

Please keep in mind that Treehouse NDSM is not a traditional gallery space. Treehouse NDSM supports multi-disciplinary artists in bringing their projects to life by offering 100 individual and affordable studios for rent, as well as access to exhibition spaces and the opportunity of participating in a vibrant and collaborative artistic community. It is an artistic incubator where artists and audiences use their imagination to create their vision of the world.

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