Virtual Gallery

A lot of beautiful artworks remain hidden from sight at this time since exhibitions have been postponed or cancelled. That’s a shame, because not only does art offer emotional support, but it can also provide us with insight and perspective. We can all use comfort and enlightenment, especially now. How can we unlock all this potential? NDSM Treehouse presents our virtual gallery. In the upcoming weeks we’ll share powerful pieces created by our residents on our NDSM Treehouse Instagram account.

The first artwork we show is from Paolo Notaristefano (Massafra TA, 1993). He began his studies at the Bari Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 and deepened his artistic research that starts from painting, drawing and sculpture. The concept of renewal determines, in his painting, an accentuated gesture and physicality from which emerge amorphous subjects, disrupted mink and sudden flashes.

Paolo Notaristefano
“Emerged and Sailed Through”
Mixed Media on Paper, 80 x 18 cm, 2020⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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