We're looking for Board Members!

During the award period until 2029, Treehouse aims to become a high-profile place for cultural experimentation and innovation; attractive to both creators and audiences who want to explore the boundaries of art.

The unpaid board of the Treehouse NDSM Foundation is (remotely) responsible for the breeding place. The execution is delegated to the director and a team of 5 employees. The board is concerned with strategy and policy, and (if requested) helps think about and controls the implementation.

The board is looking for two enthusiastic board members who want to contribute to the further development of the Treehouse on the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam North. More specifically, we are looking for a Secretary and a General Board member who is also Vice-Chairman.

In general, the board aims to have knowledge, experience and networks in the fields of art & culture, marketing, taxation / accountancy, governance and socio-cultural urban development. The board meets around six times a year.

General characteristics of board members

  • You support the mission and vision of the NSDM Treehouse incubator.
  • You have administrative experience.
  • Business experience in one or more of the above fields, preferably in the creative sector.
  • Relevant network (cultural sector, government and/or civil society organisations).
  • Current view on the balance between governance/control and practical implementation.
  • Sufficient availability for at least the board meetings plus preparation time.

The duties of the Secretary of the Board include

  • Preparing and taking minutes of board meetings
  • Monitoring of assigned tasks.
  • Archiving of minutes and other documents.
  • Formal communication on behalf of the Board.

The duties of the General Board Member include

  • Preparation for and attendance at board meetings.
  • Support other board members in the performance of their duties.
  • Contribute to the cultural development of Treehouse.

In its composition, the Board strives for diversity in terms of age, ethnic background, gender, expertise, experience and skills. Board members are appointed for a period of two years.

If you are interested in either position, please send us your CV and cover letter to jaap@treehousendsm.com, no later than 1 September 2021.

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