3AM voice notes
February 15, 2024

Date: February 15th          Time: 19h - 21h         Price: Free

3AM Voice Notes is an evening for artists who work with text or performance to trial a new piece in front of an audience. Exhibiting spaces and presentation moments are competitive and scarce in Amsterdam. Fleeting moments of admission into these spaces can feel pressured and transient. Artistic practices which deal with text and performance often require live rehearsals and external feedback. Facilitated by Treehouse residents Toni Brell and Megan Hadfield, the night aims to provide access to an informal space for participants to try things out and get things wrong together.

This will be a recurring event in which artists can bring their late night ramblings, disjointed recordings and half coherent dialogues. After the performances we encourage the audience and participants to share their impressions informally over a drink. The event will be held in English however the presentations will vary in language and form. In the spirit of self-organising, the texts will be published as a zine which will be available at the event.

Proceeds from the night will go towards ELSC legal support for Palestine in Europe.

tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH