17 Dec
December 17, 2022

Dates: Dec 17 & 18                Time: 12h - 18h                Free Entrance

Save the date for this year’s Winter Art Market at Treehouse NDSM!

Come and find unique gifts for your loved-ones and support local creatives! Pantings, drawings, prints, sketches, cards, scarfs, ceramic objects and more will be sold for an affordable price, all while you enjoy performances by our musicians-in-residence, some gluwijn and delicious vegan food.

The Music Programme starts at 14h on both days. On Saturday 17th you can enjoy gentle modern jazz by Prashant & Linde, as well as original jazz compositions with conga and double bass by Samer. On Sunday 18th at 14h, Julia Rosenhart will perform her own songs inspired in 70s music, followed by a few improvisation sessions by Samer.

Our Winter Art Market will also be hosting a Pop-Up Bookshop by Het Moet Publishing. They will sell everything they have in store, their latest (letterpress printed!) poetry, prose and non-fiction publications, mostly in Dutch, others in French, Spanish or English, as well as discounted titles, second hand books and more!


Julia Rosenhart (Jules) is a singer-songwriter and theatre performer/writer. After living in Antwerp for four years to study 'Kleinkunst', she returned to the Netherlands. Treehouse NDSM provides her with a workspace where she can experiment with vocals, synthesizer and piano. She enjoys adding theatrical elements to her musical performances. 

Prashant & Linde make guitar and piano intertwine or chase each other, creating what can be a bed of sound or a crisp and fragile melody. The duo is influenced by modern greats such as Aaron Parks, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Brad Mehldau, as well as various traditional music's, indie and classical music. Prashant and Linde both released something this year; their CD’s will be available at the Winter Art Market.


Artists selling their work at the Winter Art Market:

Rika Maja Duevel, HetMoet Publishing, Asaf Lewkowitz, Esther Kin, Kris Gonzalez-Iskerka Tattoo, Samer Aleid, Ali Mohamad, Nevana and Blinging Smiles and Asbest Pentagram

Rose Wildsmith, Rachelle Meyer, Esther Kin, Asaf Lewkowitz, Judith Segers, Lies Aris, Kris Gonzalez-Iskerka Tattoo, HetMoet Publishing, Yuk Lin Man, Ossa Kierkegaard, Rika Maja Duevel, Samer Aleid, Ali Mohamad, The House Plant and Blinging Smiles, Vegan Bear Chef and Asbest Pentagram.

Esther Kin
Kris Gonzalez
Asaf Lewkowitz
Judith Segers
Rika Maja Duevel
Lies Aris
Yuk Lin Man & Philip Ling
Ossa Kierkegaard
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH