30 Mar
March 30, 2023

Date: March 30th                  Time: 12h - 21h                Free entrance

The cultural organisations of NDSM are joining forces for a new monthly event: NDSM Get Lost. Every last Thursday evening of the month, several cultural organisations open their doors until 21h and show visitors the beautiful art and culture NDSM has to offer. 

On March 30th Treehouse NDSM will welcome you to visit the group exhibition ‘In the Process of Making’. Other venues offering a programme on this day are Nieuw Dakota and Beautiful Distress. (See info about all exhibitions below)

‘In the Process of Making’ at Treehouse NDSM

During this 4-week group show focused on the creative process, the Treehouse NDSM’s Pavilion will become a playground and a space for reflection for both participating artists and audience. The visitors will take part in the development of the featured artworks, which will therefore continue to unfold and give place for new pieces to emerge. ‘In the Process of Making’ exhibition aims to take both the audience and the artists through a journey of experimentation and collective engagement. Diving into subjects like migration, societal expectations and relations between body and territory, everyone will become a participant or co-producer, having the opportunity  to be involved in the making of the artworks. 

For this show, all participating artists are organising a workshop in relation to their exhibited piece or their practice. 

‘Pigs and Sheep and Beasts’ at Nieuw Dakota

In times of huge staff shortages, everyone needs to step up. Animals too. Many animals are already active in the job market, such as police horses and guide dogs for the blind, but it can't hurt to employ more species in different areas. So, the question on the table is: How do we bring out the best in animals? Encouraging the work ethic in animals is a necessary step in the re-evaluation and the emancipation of the animal, making it possible for animals to participate fully in a capitalist society that we humans are already so committed to. In the exhibition Pigs and Sheep and Beasts, eight artists present a visual motivational speech putting forward their animal to become 'employee of the year' in its own way. 

‘Mind the Gap’ at Beautiful Distress

Mind the Gap
is a group exhibition addressing the gap between the mental health of LGBTQIA+ people compared to that of the general population. Despite steps being made towards recognising this community as equal in society, statistics paint a sobering picture of the reality of living as LGBTQIA+. The Netherlands, long considered as one of the countries in Europe with the most positive outlooks towards homosexuality, has created the image of the happy queer, but just how true is it? When suicide among LGBTQIA+ young people is 4.5 times more common than among heterosexual young people, and almost half of LGBTQIA+ people have contemplated ending their lives, the happy queer functions as a distractor, glossing over the everyday realities of being ‘different’. This exhibition looks critically at these feelings to reveal how mental health continues to be prevalent within the LGBTQIA+ community, and crosses over generational, social, and geopolitical borders. 

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