EXHIBITION: STILL 24 by yi collective
February 23, 2023

Date: Feb 23rd - 28th               Time: 12h - 18h               Free entrance

’Still 24’, an exhibition created by @yi.collective for the first anniversary of the war started by russia in Ukraine 9 years ago. The collective offers a selection of pieces by 5 Ukranian and Dutch artists or crews. This exhibition reveals artists’ honest reflections on the war while living in peaceful society.

All pieces represent a search for links and bonds between two realities.
Where is the true reality?
Who am I?
What changes happened to each of us, to each of you?
What happens next, when the worst has happened?
What gives hope and strength to continue fighting?
Is it possible to win alone?What changes took place in society under the influence of this war?

Exhibited works:

  • Short movie (NewYorker) Art installations (Alina Bielun)|
  • Photo project “view on Kharkiv” (Anastasiia Mykitiuk)
  • Dance prerformance “Broken life” (AVIV dance company)
  • Info corner (Foundation of Ukranians in the Netherlands)
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tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH