Symbiotic Encounters Festival

Dates: Oct 15th and Oct 16th        Time: 15h and 18h          Ticket: EARLY BIRD until Sept26th for 8 euro instead 14euro at the door (excl. service costs)

Symbiotic Encounters is a 2-day performative art festival consisting of 8 performances conceived by Treehouse’s international artists-in-residence specially for the event, as well as an exhibition and an evening of live music.

1 ticket = 4 performances = artistic universes

The Treehouse community can be seen as a microcosmos composed of creatives from many different disciplines. Treehouse’s aim is to provide the best possible conditions for fruitful artistic cooperation to occur, inviting its creatives to step out of their individual practices to reflect on collective efforts. Can we put aside the excessive emphasis on competition we inherited from Darwinism and focus instead on interdependence to imagine different futures? What new ideas and approaches can originate from these interactions and exchanges?

The visitors will choose between 2 journeys, each of them including 4 multi-disciplinary performances. Before or after the journey, the audience is invited to visit the exhibition The Power of Collaboration, which includes 9 pieces from local artists.


1st journey on 15th October at 15h and on 16th October at 18h*

  • The connection by Rika Maja Duevel, Elizaveta Agrafenina & Ischico Velzel: an exploration of the interconnectedness and translations between music and painting.
  • The Electro Genocide Revolution, a theatrical audio play by Visionair Ordinair. Imagine all electronic music has disappeared from the face of the earth.
  • Codo a codo by Rose Wildsmith, Kris Gonzalez & JJ from Yonkers: intuitive painting techniques, the power of gravity and music work together as an attempt to explore and materialise a synergetic process.
  • With a bang  by No Plexus & Joseph Kearny: an explosive performance in which storytelling and electronic music are combined into an absurdist aerobics class.

2nd journey on 15th of October at 18h and on 16th October at 15h*

  • Earthitude: a rite of remembrance by Yuk Lin and Philip Ling & Daria Fedorchenko: an immersive installation in the form of a ceremony, a reminder that we are a non-detachable part of our planet.
  • Constellations by Elte Rauch & Lies Aris: based on Sinéad Gleeson's book by the same name, the artists reflect on life, the (female) body, pain and perfection.
  • Lullaby for a Slow Apocalypse by Show Pony (Laura Nygren, Tatiana Rosa, Simon van Steenis & Alisson Wright): what if the end of the world is not the singular dramatic event we imagine but rather a glacial-paced transformation? It can still be scary but we can be comforted on the journey.
  • Speech Vador by Greg Richiuso  & Alexander Paton: a remake of famous political speeches joins a live DJ set, turning its meaning upside-down.

*we ask the audience to arrive 15 minutes BEFORE the journey's starting time.

On Saturday evening, we will present a concert featuring music collaborations from our musicians: Night Voyage and Otis August Live Set.

*Book your journey on your preferred date through the link below.

With the support of AFK and Gemeente Amsterdam Noord.

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