Meditations / Jazz portraits
November 4, 2022

It is said that the pause between the notes is where the art resides.

Meditations is a painting exhibition by Asaf Lewkowitz, depicting some of the most famous Jazz artists in their most private moment, that pause between the notes.

The abstracted figurative portraits are in a meditative state, the eyes are closed but the intense colors allude to the inner intensity of creativity. The subjects are some of Asaf’s favorite musicians: John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Bill Evans, Nina Simone and other Jazz Greats.

Asaf Lewkowitz paints portraits and landscapes with an abstracted, figurative expression, triggering an emotional response by creating paintings that are evocative and moody. He says, no one clearly remembers things said or done but one always remembers their emotional experience.

Opening: 3 November 18:00

Exhibition: 4-9 November 14:00-20:00

Asaf Lewkowitz
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH