NDSM Culture Crawl at Treehouse

NDSM Culture Crawl

On Sunday, July 11, organisations at NDSM are opening their doors and welcoming visitors as part of a Culture Crawl. Treehouse is also participating in this post-pandemic celebration of art and culture. Apart from having an amazing lineup of performances, we’re also going to have an Open Day featuring our talented resident artists. LFTOVR will handle the catering to take you through the day.

The lineup of performances will be as follows:

14-15  'Trompo', by Laura Nygren

Treehouse artist Laura Nygren and her new music ensemble T R O M P O are putting up a concert program called Modules, filled with short contemporary works, featuring world premiers from composers living in New York, Colombia, and Germany, as well as works from composers from Zeist and Lyon. Dedicated to the performance of the music of now, T R O M P O is made up of Carlos Anez (Flute), Marthe Lasthuis (Violin), and Laura Nygren (Double Bass).

15-16  'I, phone'  Over het IJ festival performance in the Expo Hall

Between 9-13 July, Treehouse will host ‘I, Phone” by Rob Smorenberg, a mobile portrait of the homo cellularis: the contemporary human in relation to the smartphone. Come by to watch a virtual movement performance depicting the multitasking of scrolling, WhatsApping, taking a screenshot, and swiping.

16-17  'Ar op stoom', live

Singer, musician, and theater maker Arjen Dijkstra, along with drummer Arno van Nieuwenhuize, bassist Sanne van Delft and guitarist Sebastiaan Flier, puts up their show ‘Ar op stoom’. Featuring accessible pop songs with diverse style influences: from pure pop to samba, funk and soul, this project was made possible by the Performing Arts Fund.

19-20  'I, phone'  Over het IJ festival performance in the Expo Hall

21:30-23 Jan & Xavier in the Workhall

Musicians Jan van Eerd (YAN) and Xavier Boot (XA4) kick off their summer tour releasing a new album with a three-day weekender at Treehouse from 9-11 July. Find more about this coming together of opposites here.

Some of our artists will be giving visitors a glimpse of the magic they create in their studios:

Rose Wildsmith

Studio 55B01

Mixed Media Artist


Assaf Lewkovitz

Studio 57C03



Ossa Kierkegaard

Studio 57B03

Visual Artist


Minou van Maanen

Studio 55C04

Fashion Designer

Benny van de Plank

Studio 57E03



Laura Nygren

Studio 55D02



Helga van Stralen

Studio 55B02

Visual Artist

Rika Duevel

Studio 57N05



Laura Nygren
Ossa Kierkegaard
Rose Wildsmith
Benny van der Plank
Rika Maja Duevel
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH