15 Oct
Concert: Night Voyage, XA4 & VJ
October 15, 2022

Dates: Oct 15th     Time: 20h30         Ticket: 10 euro online (excl. service costs) / 14 euro at the door

As a part of the Symbiotic Encounters festival, we present a live show with 2 performances by some of Treehouse NDSM's musicians: Night Voyage and Otis August Live Set.

Night Voyage is a collaboration between electronic music producer Arjuna Schiks (NL), singer/songwriter Féline Spiegel (NL) and multi-instrumentalist Damiano Tracà (IT). Created at Treehouse NDSM, Night Voyage finds its roots in the synergy of genres brought together by its members during their nocturnal adventures under the wistful city sky.

Gerard Musquera will perform visual arts alongside the band Night Voyage. He is an Amsterdam-based visual artist, 3D motion and graphic designer. Also co-founder of RPU, a Creative Community focused on the music scene and all its surroundings such as painting, fashion live performances and movies.

You will see moons hide your faces, sun illuminate them, abstract colors become elements of nocturnal travel and flashes of color electrify your steps. It will be a one-of-a-kind performance and will truly take us on a night journey with no return.


XA4 is an electro acoustic pianist. The acoustic piano is mixed with electronic extensions and soundscapes created with recorded samples from his old Bechstein grand piano. Influences in his music range from minimal and ambient to classical and electronic. His new EP will be released soon with the label of Philip Glass in New York: Orange Mountain Music.

XA4 will perform with Studio de Maan. As VJ's they make, collect and bring assorted video samples together in a mix live. For this show they will mix animated visuals with live video input from camera's on the performance of Xavier.


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