9 Jan
January 9, 2023

Deadline for submissions: January 9th
Exhibition dates
: March 16th to April 9th, 2023

Treehouse NDSM is currently running an Open Call for its next exhibition, taking place in March2023. Our aim is to develop a four-week participatory exhibition to explore the theme of the ‘process of creation’. We will invite 10 projects that allow the audience to participate or discover the artistic creative process. Artists from all backgrounds and disciplines can apply with projects that let the audience co-create, interact, or get immersed in the development of their idea and/or production of their piece. Apart from the exhibition, which showcase and follow the evolution of these artworks in-the-making, each participating artist will be encouraged to lead a workshop as a way to share their own process with an audience.  

Theme of the exhibition

For this exhibition about ‘the process of creation’, we are inviting visual artist and Treehouse’s resident Rose Wildsmith as a co-curator.Rose has been working on different projects that focused on the creative flow and invited the audience to participate in collective paintings. As an art incubator, the artistic process is at the heart of what Treehouse is, and we believe that involving people in these creative practices can be a transformative journey not only for them but also for the artists.

The aim of this exhibition is to be a space for experimentation where the audience is able to participate in the artists’ creation, learn artistic practices through workshops, and interact with some of the pieces to help them evolve, as well as meeting and exchanging ideas and thoughts with the artists. We will privilege the process instead of the result, giving both artists and audience the opportunity to play and try things out. We believe that through experimentation we learn how to let go of pre-conceived notions of what an artwork should be, to accept failure, to explore new territories, and to connect with our senses and imagination.


Selection of artists

We will select 10 projects thatreflect on the topic of artistic process in different ways. The artworks will be exhibited on the 100m2-mezzanine of Treehouse’s Pavilion. The selection jury will take into considerationthe relevance to the theme, the potential forinteraction with an audience, and the artists’ experience in sharing theirpractice. There will also be an especial consideration for those artists livingand/or working in Amsterdam Noord. All selected artists will be asked to leadone workshop related to their artistic practice.

We are looking for projects that:

-             Involve the audience in the creation of the art piece

-             Evolve through the participation of audience or the environment

-             Present the creative process of the artwork

-             Reflect on the topic


Treehouse NDSM has applied for subsidies for this exhibition, and we hope to be able to give an artistic fee for each project. 

Note: Please keep in mind thatTreehouse NDSM is not a traditional gallery space. We support multi-disciplinary artists in bringing their project to life by offering 100individual and affordable studios for rent, as well as access to exhibition spaces and the opportunity of participating in a vibrant and collaborative artistic community. It is an artistic incubator where artists and audiences use their imagination to create their vision of the world.

Please submit your application through this online form

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