23 Mar
Be True to Yourself: Visual Art Workshop
March 23, 2023

Date: March 23rd                  Time: 18h30-20h30                   Ticket: 15 euros

Rika Duevel would like to offer a safe space for a discussion around the question “When are you having children?”, and to invite each participant to respond to it by making a visual art piece. Rika will walk participants through small visual art-making exercises and give them space to process the thoughts the discussion sparks. Pens, watercolour, and water-soluble crayons are provided.

Rika Maja Duevel participates in the group exhibition In The Process of Making with her piece Be True to Yourself. From March 16th to April 9th, the audience will be invited to co-create with the artists. During this 4-week long show, all the artworks will continue to unfold and new pieces will be created, as a way to privilege the process over the final product. over the final product.

Rika Maja Duevel is a global nomad and this fact is at the centre of her work. Her artwork manifests from her daily experiences, the idea of capturing the moment. She allows herself to embrace or let go of each experience by sharing a piece of it with others. Her wish is that the observer might be able to pull their own experience from each piece. She often uses vibrant colours and patterns to document this story.

Rika Maja Duevel
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH