27 Oct
The Green Hour - Salon de l'Absinthe
October 27, 2022

Date: Oct 27th                  Time: 20h                    Price: 5 euros

During this Salon de l'Absinthe, Simon Mulder will present an absinthe demonstration: what exactly is that Green Fairy? And how do you prepare a good absinthe?

There will be of course poetry with Kees Godefrooij reciting his Black Romantic poems - the unattainable femme fatale, boredom, booze and carnal pleasure pass by. There will be also poems of the French decadents. M J Risbrings his classic sonnets, steeped in Greek and Roman antiquity and a dash of decadence.

Simon Mulder reads from French decadents in Dutch translation (and sometimes a little French) from two editions by Uitgeverij HetMoet: 'Het Gif' with poems by Baudelaire in translation by Peter Verstegen, and 'Volmaak tmoment' of poetry by Verlaine in his own translation.

He will be collaborating with the sound field artists Brian Sinnema (electric guitar) and Jesper Doolaard (clarinet) who accompany his reading with ethereal soundscapes.

The title poem of 'Het Gif' was filmed by André Grove and will also be shown during this performance.

Do you get thirsty? The Poetry Bar traditionally serves some wonderful varieties of absinthe and sonnets.

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