9 May
Treehouse Music Sessions
May 9, 2021

Sneak peek of the first Treehouse Music Session with Sam & Julia that will be live on our YouTube channel this Sunday at 2 pm! Tune in to catch the indie-folkrock duo performing their latest single Easy 🎶. If you relate to the stress, fears, and expectations of being young in these trying times, this one’s for you. You will also enjoy it if you’re simply young at heart.

This will be the first in a series of exciting music sessions that we’ll be streaming every Sunday at 2 pm until the 13th of June. Find the line-up below

⚡️ Sam & Julia, 9th of May at 2 pm

⚡️ Hessel Du Mark ft. NILLY & Chase, 16th of May at 2 pm

⚡️ Gabriel Milliet ft. Teis Semey, 23rd of May at 2 pm

⚡️ Fuensanta Méndez ft. Marta Arpini & Robin van Rhijn 30th of May at 2 pm

⚡️ Marko Ivic, 6th of June at 2 pm

⚡️ Tiigre, 13th of June at 2 pm

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