22 Jul
Open Call Exhibition 'The Power of Collaboration'
July 22, 2022

Deadline for Submissions: July 22nd         

Exhibition Dates: Sept 15 to Oct 15 2022

Treehouse NDSM is currently running an open call for its next exhibition in September 2022. The aim of this show is to give local visual artists the chance to experiment with new ideas and media. Artists from all backgrounds and working in any medium looking can apply if their projects fit the theme of the exhibition. Collectives and artistic collaborations are encouraged to apply as long as the work is presented as one singular vision.

Theme of the exhibition

Through this exhibition we would like to reflect on the power of collaboration in society. It is within human (and more-than-human) nature to collaborate and help each other. But when we have to work with others, challenges can and do emerge.

The type of societies we have built encourage fierce competition both at an individual and organisational level. But we believe the growth and overall benefits of working together outweigh the ones we get by working against each other. 

The aim of this exhibition is to shine a light on the importance of collaborating, and to promote collaboration amongst the inhabitants of the city of Amsterdam. This exhibition will also include side activities such as debates and workshops to help highlight collectives and cooperatives in Amsterdam. 

Selection of artists

A jury composed of cultural professionals will select 10 artworks that bring different reflections on the topic of the collaborations. The artworks will be exhibited on the 100m2-mezzanine of Treehouse’s Pavilion. The jury will take into consideration the relevance to the theme, the medium used and will be especially interested in giving a voice to artists from Amsterdam Noord. An artistic fee will be given to each artist participating in the exhibition.

Please keep in mind that Treehouse NDSM is not a traditional gallery space. Treehouse supports multi-disciplinary artists in bringing their project to life by offering 100 individual and affordable studios for rent, as well as access to exhibition spaces and the opportunity of participating in a vibrant and collaborative artistic community. It is an artistic incubator where artists and audiences use their imagination to create their vision of the world. 

Please submit your application through this online form

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