Date: Oct 7th      Time: 18h - 20h        Free entrance (RSVP via the website below)

Can we create a common space for interspecies gathering in Amsterdam Noord? Interspecies Collaboration in Amsterdam Noord is a community-building workshop and the starting point of creating a natural site where humans and non-humans can cooperate, collaborate, and connect on common ground.

Who will this space be for? Where can it be located? What values and principles should it be guided by? Which method would we need to use? What is our common ground? How do we collaborate with non-humans to make a space greener and healthier? These are some of the questions we will start to unravel collectively during this workshop.

Land-Ally is a project initiated by Marte Mei van Haaster. She started a foundation that can “adopt” lands, temporarily or for life, to create participatory nature reserves. Marte will begin this event by introducing the Land-Ally project and its methodology, present the guest speaker: Emiel from the Four Sisters project and the Beach, and guiding the workshop as a way to collectively start building the land-ally site in Amsterdam-Noord.

The first Land-Ally site is located right outside of Eindhoven, and it is still active today. The works that originated from this first iteration will be featured during The Power of Collaboration exhibition at Treehouse NDSM.

October 7, 2022
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tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH