Fringe Festival @Treehouse NDSM: 'Klei' & 'Adem'

From September 6 until September 9, Treehouse NDSM will be hosting two performances from Amsterdam Fringe Festival: 'Klei' & 'Adem'


Klei is an intuitive ritual involving a body, live electronic music, and lots of clay. A duo performance in which dancer Chiara Monteverde and musician Robbert van Hulzen play with the possibilities of metamorphosis. The many shapes and states clay can have guide the audience into a world full of images, created and destroyed, again and again.


Sept 6: 19:15-20h
Sept 7: 19-19:45h
Sept 8: 21:15-22h
Sept 9: 21-21:45h

Tickets available here


How do we deal with climate change? With this world? With ourselves? Do we really make a change in this big world with our micro-decisions? Or can we just be more egoistic in our search for happiness? With these questions in mind, TG Vagebond is showing the current generation. 

A western generation growing up in the midst of huge problems: pandemics, tyfoons, wars, bio industry, gas,  right wing parties and expensive oat milk. There’s not much hope for a happy future. But then, deep hidden under the pile of bad news, they also have a desire to have a child. The need to put a teeny tiny baby on this big world sometimes seems to win from the rational decision to put a child in this overcrowded world and to save it from all the sorrow.
It’s a fight between head and heart, between knowing and wanting.

In an intimate, palpable and funny way, TG Vagebond is partnering with the audience in this battle.


Sept 6: 21-21:45
Sept 7: 21-21:45
Sept 8: 19:15-20
Sept 9: 19-19:45

Tickets available here

September 6, 2022
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