12 Jun
Momentum Exhibition: Finissage
June 12, 2022

Date: June 12            Time: 12 - 22h           Price: Free Entrance

On June 12th we are closing the Momentum exhibition with a half day of workshops, music and, of course, the amazing work of the 19 Treehouse artists-in-residents that are showcasing their work.

- From 11 to 13h you can join the workshop Drawing with Ink & Brush. Forget the world around you and enjoy moving your brush across the paper with visual artist Esther Kin. She will guide you on looking for different ways to give as much expressiveness as possible to the lines that you put on paper.

More info about the workshop here

- From 12 to 22h the Momentum exhibition will be open for visitors, so don’t miss the last chance to see it!

Check the event here

- From 17 to 22h and to end the evening on a high note, we present “Lost in the Jam”, an open mic and jam session for all artists from Treehouse and from outside our community. From 17 to 22h we will give the stage to all musicians, so stop by to play your instrument or just for a dance! MC, singers, rappers, live instruments, DJ’s are all welcome!

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