All-year-round Art Courses at Treehouse

Our community of artists and creatives is always up to something - when they are not creating, they are sharing their passion and knowledge.

On this page you will find information about the courses and workshop offered by artists at Treehouse all year long. Whether you are a curious beginner or wish to perfect your skills, you are welcome at Treehouse NDSM!

Practice the piano with Manuel Wouthuysen

Manuel is one of the talented pianists behind Manuel Wouthuysen Music. Along with an array of teachers - who have all graduated from the conservatory and are now fully active in the local and International music scene - they teach a range of genres, from Classical to Jazz, Pop en Funk and everything in between. 

They offer classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. To book a course or simply find out more about the opportunities to learn with Manuel Wouthuysen Music please contact Manuel at +31(0)6 54 76 57 22 or visit this website.

Sharpen your piano practice with Daria 

Daria is constantly improving her methodology, tailoring it to special needs. Always respecting the talent and creativity of her students. She makes technique into an interesting game and helps connect to music in a deeper level. She uses innovative tools and out-of-the-box solutions, especially with the young ones: you can drum, dance and integrate movement and meditation in your lessons.

- Piano lessons for beginners* (children): Introducing auric training, rhythm and music structures while getting acquainted with the keyboard. Discover melodies and sounds in a playful way. Structured lessons with flexible content adapted to the student’s needs.

*Daria doesn't accept adult beginners. The lessons only can start when there is an instrument (keyboard or piano) at home.

- Piano lessons for young talents: Advance in small steps towards your pianism. Selected pieces to train and understand musical language and the keyboard while developing technique in an effective way. Preparation for educational programs (conservatorium, talentklas, music minors).

- Piano lessons for seasoned musicians: Develop your own repertoire that serves your purpose. Are you looking for an alternative way of learning? Do you feel like you plateaued in your technique? Do you want tools to create your own practice? This is your course.

Languages: English, Spanish and Russian.

You can book your lesson online here or contact Daria’s assistant: / +31 6 81254640 

Explore visual storytelling with Rachelle Meyer 

A sketchbook practice is essential for honing your style as an illustrator and artist. But what should you draw, and how do you make it a part of your daily life? Rachelle Meyer guides you with some drawing tips and ideas for finding your voice through your sketchbook.

Rachelle can be hired to give workshops for groups or individuals.  She previously worked with The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Daisie, and Gerrit van der Veen College. To learn more about Rachelle and her work, you can visit her website or contact her directly via / +31 (0)64 186 1381. 

Learn the craft of collage with Helga van Stralen

As a visual artist, Helga will guide you through the creation process of making collages. She will help you with your ideation and determination of form, composition, proportions and technique, taking you on a journey of discovery in the creation of your own beautiful collage.

This course will take place on Mondays afternoon or evening.

Intake at every level, in small groups of max. 4 people.

For more information regarding this course you can contact Helga by email:

Explore the world of clay with Helga van Stralen

In this workshop you will model a statue under expert guidance of visual artist Helga van Stralen. She will not only support with developing the idea, but also with the techniques needed to make an abstract or figurative statue.

This workshop is suited to groups or individuals and takes place on Tuesdays afternoon or evening.

For more information regarding this workshop you can contact Helga by email:

Master The technique of hand building and decorating with Yuk Lin Man

The workshop is for anyone who is interested in working with clay (no previous experience required) and can take 1 or 2 persons per session. You can join Yuk Lin Man during on this private workshop on request every Monday, Saturday and Sunday and it will consist of at least 2 sessions, depending on the project you have in mind:

- 1st session: 3 hours for designing and handbuilding your project.

- 2nd session: 1,5-2 hours for decorating your bisque fired work.

For more information about this workshop, and prices you can contact Yuk Lin by email:

March 20, 2023
The courses and workshop agenda will be updated monthly.
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