Workshop: Embodied REverence - Weaving Feminism, Spirituality and Earth
December 3, 2023

Date: 3 December      Time: 11h-13h      Price: 5,2€

Workshop in the frame of the exhibition Labours of Love from November 2nd to December 3rd. As part of the programme of We Are Warming Up festival organised by Tolhuistuin, this show focuses on the importance of changing the balance of our current social and economic systemes in order to confront the Climate catastrophe we find ourselves in.

Embodied Reverence is a ceremony, a collective exploration weaving a tapestry of feminine consciousness, reminding us of the intricate threads that bind us together.

Following an introspective journey, participants will engage in a journaling session. Their thoughts and reflections will then become embodied offerings of spoken word in a central shrine to the "Great Goddess" or Earth.

Anima Lab is an art project created by Daria Fedorchenko. It encapsulates practices oriented towards the psychological and spiritual stimulation of the listener through live piano performance. The program of the concert is carefully crafted through symbolism and meditation techniques, presented in an interdisciplinary formula.

Daria's formats are experimental. It is all about perception and mental perspectives. Her music is stripped of pretence. She plays with the nature of sound and expresses from the rawness of symbols.

Ocean Gezina is a creative, (he)artist, aspiring eco-feminist, tantrika in training and sensuality-advocate. As a woman, constantly cultivating a deeper connection to her womb, her own power of creation, and nature, her art has always been an expression of my values surrounding the (female) body, it’s natural workings, and sensuous mysticism. Coming from the fine arts she's been slowly drifting towards a different medium. As Woman continuously moves, changes, grows, creates, evolves, so does the flavour of her creations. Today, she brings you what she stands for in this world mainly through prose - from her heart and from her womb.

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