26 Oct
NDSM Get Lost: Exhibition by +QUE2 Gestión Cultural en Salud
October 26, 2023

Dates: Oct 26th to Oct 30th*               Entrance: Free

On October 26th : The cultural organisations of NDSM are joining forces for a new monthly event: NDSM Get Lost. Every last Thursday evening of the month, several cultural organisations open their doors until 21h and show visitors the beautiful art and culture NDSM has to offer. Treehouse NDSM, Nieuw Dakota, Beautiful Distress and NDSM Werf can be visited.

* on October 27th at 17h, there will be a gathering to do an emotional analysis of the showcased works
** on October 28th at 15h, the official Opening will take place.  

This exhibition features works by Argentinian and Mexican artists from different disciplines (photography, sculpture, painting) and is organised by +QUE2 Gestión Cultural en Salud.

+QUE2 Gestión Cultural en Salud (+QUE2 Cultural Management in Healthcare) is a project that emerged as a response to the 2019 World Health Organisation’s report about the positive role that art can have in health recovery and overall people’s well-being. Originated at the Penna Hospital in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina), the idea was to assemble patients and healthcare staff of public hospitals and give them a space to express themselves through art.

After working together with acclaimed artists not only from Argentina, but also from other countries around the world, +QUE2 earned the sponsorship of the Argentinian Embassy in Paris, as well as from the Arts and Science branch of the UNESCO (UNOTA). This allowed them to organise annual exhibitions in Buenos Aires that they later took to different countries. Now, they are bringing an exhibition to Treehouse NDSM to showcase their project to people from Amsterdam.

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