Date: May 20th                 Time: 20h              Price: 10 euros (14 euros at the door)

MOOD challenges the boundaries of music production and consumption. They create holistic experiences through the combination of music and images to stimulate emotions. For this edition of Live at our Place, they present “The Quest”, their first immersive live performance, with which the invite you to embark yourself on a journey of self-exploration.

More info about MOOD: YouTube | Instagram

Through the multi-layered audiovisual research that Doppelgänger constitutes, Muxingye Chen explores how we unconsciously transfer our experiences in the digital world to the physical world. In doing so, he also looks at how online platforms are responsible for our virtual counterparts, who have marginalized the vast majority of our physical identities.

This interest arose during the coronavirus pandemic when Chen was confronted with how social networking and working from home have radically changed the way we meet and connect. As a Chinese artist living in Rotterdam, Chen is aware that his identity and social behavior are influenced by the Western context, while at the same time digital experiences ensure that his physical identity and the associated cultural and personal background are minimized. He thus wonders how physical persons with (multi)cultural backgrounds can be better represented on the decentralized internet. For this research, Chen uses sound recordings from his apartment in Rotterdam, from the streets of his birthplace Chengu and from the virtual world in which he can be found every day. This constant stream of data forms a network where the physical and virtual world connect and adapt to each other.

Muxingye Chen - 3D visuals
Jia Xia - Keyboards & soundscapes
Matteo Mazzù - Moog synthetizer and bass
Aurel Violas: Drums

Doppelgänger is a project funded by CBK Rotterdam.

More info: Website | Instagram: Muxingye Chen, Jia Xia, Matteo Mazzù, Aurel Violas | Facebook: Muxingye Chen, Jia Xia, Matteo Mazzù, Aurel Violas


Live at our Place is a series of monthly intimate concerts by Treehouse NDSM’s musicians-in-residence. Our industrial Pavilion building will be turned into the musicians’ own living room, tuned each time to their own particular style and vibe. We invite you to our place, grab a drink, sit on the couch (or dance!) and enjoy the tunes that our talented community is working on during their stay at Treehouse NDSM.

In partnership with We Are Public.
May 20, 2023
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