17 Apr
'Oer' Exhibition
April 17, 2024

Dates: April 17th - April 21st    Price: Free entrance

Opening on April 17h from 19h30

Exhibition opening times: from Thur to Sun 13h-18h

Dejana's sculptures will be on display, they are made of unglazed clay that resembles primitive ancient art, while still deeply rooted in the abstract contemporary tradition.


Dejana Vuckovic Simovic lives in Amsterdam and works at Treehouse NDSM. She finished the Academy of Applied Art in Belgrade, Serbia, and has exhibited in ex-Yugoslavia, Ireland, Holland, Finland, and Hungary.

"I've always wondered if an artwork says a lot about the artist, her origin, language, and experience. Whether art lives outside of its creator and if it gains meaning in the eye and sensibility of the observer? If an author completely explains her work, it narrows the viewer's ability to explore it's own relation to the art. I would rather leave the space for a viewer to look at their own world from a new perspective, creating their own narrative using my artwork as inspiration.

That is exactly how OER has happened. After I had a conversation with my artist 'comrade' Helga van Stralen, in which I tried to clarify and explain whatever I aim to achieve with my artwork, she said: "for me it is OER" (primodial, primal). The "eye and sensibility" of the observer encompassed, in one short word, all aspects of what I worked on for the past two years. I am sincerely grateful to her for that.

My personal biography as an artist, in the last 40 years could best be described as the ever changing rhythm of the words ON and OFF. Yet, one can't go back, only forward. And for me, in this world, where external reality is clouded by destruction and pollution, 'forward' means an inner, beautiful, creative journey towards a better future..."


Language: English / Dutch

Dejana Vuckovic Simovic
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH