14 Jul
Over Het IJ Festival @ Treehouse NDSM
July 14, 2024

Dates: 11th - 14th July                Time: TBC         Price: €2,50 - €25

will be the site of the 32nd edition of the Over het IJ Festival a cultural site-specific theatre festival. New, young, and talented theatre makers will stand alongside established names in various exciting locations to present their stories to the audience.Once again, Treehouse NDSM will be hosting 2 exciting performances:

- “HET GEWICHT VAN LUCHT” by Tabor Idema (Pavilion)
What if Tata Steel runs through your veins? The Tata Steel steel factory is their work, home and history for many IJmuiden residents. Even though the polluted air from the factory is a major problem for many people, a group of IJmuiden residents almost affectionately call it 'Our Air'. Tabor Idema grew up in IJmuiden, on a street overlooking the Tata Steel factories. In the performance he visits his neighbours. He shows with videos how they deal with Tata Steel. Because they work there. Because they live nearby. Or because the air bothers them. Tabor takes you into their stories and wonders how we can work together towards a cleaner climate. Even if you look at the exact same sky very differently.

- “Sing along” by Charles Pas (Work Hall)
Sing Along is a penetrating, physical duet about how processing loss can lead to new, deepening relationships and forms of vulnerability. The physical performance Sing Along seeks fraternisation and admiration for each other that arises from the ongoing and recurring struggle between love and grief. How can one help the other when both are frozen in pain? Where are we allowed to touch each other? How do we hold each other? How can we gallop together like young foals again? Not a single answer in this dialogue satisfies. What keeps them searching is trust in the other. Sing along is the sequel to the short performance VAI VAI that Charles Pas made for VIERxVIER at Theater a/d Rijn.

Languages: EN / NL

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