17 Jul
QUEER & PRIDE: Unwanted Words + SNEAKOUT
July 17, 2024

 Time: 18h - 00h              Free  / On Donation

This year you can once again expect Queer & Pride throughout the month of July. We will kick off on July 3rd and end with a final party on August 3rd. Also this year you can expect many community events, with no less than 9 Queer HUBS throughout Amsterdam, and Treehouse NDSM is one of them! Queer HUBS are community based events: for, by and with the LGBTQIAP+ community. On Monday, July 15th we open the doors at Treehouse NDSM. Countless activities can be expected, from exhibitions to workshops, from poetry to community parties. 


18h-19h30 | Stichting UnwantedWords Project is an award-winning platform for emerging queer poets and spokenword artists in the Netherlands. Our goal as a collective is to create spaceswhere LGBTQ+ talent can thrive and connect with like-minded communities.Weare on a mission to provide more options for safe(r) spaces and opportunitiesfor queer connection and growth. We do this through spoken word workshops &open mics such as our Queer Poetry Nights series. As well as initiatives tospotlight the best queer talent in our community such as our 1st & 2ndQueer & Feminist Poetry Awards and our Queer & Feminist PoetryAnthology. We aim to promote and empower queer voices from an intersectionalapproach

SpokenWord Performances by Lui MontesNimruz de CastroNina Ashley Bach
Hosted/curated by Tuaca KellyFor StichtingUnwanted Words Project

20h-00h | Move on the music several  homegrown DJs organised by SNEAKOUT. They are known for their amazing community parties. Come and join us!  

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