15 Jul
July 15, 2024

Dates: July 15th - 17th           Time: 16h to 23h              Free entrance

QUEERHOUSE is a three-day artistic occupation, creative recharging station, and community-building hub for the attendees of Queer Pride Amsterdam. During this period, Poetry Trapper Keeper will transform the pavilion, workshop, and outdoor spaces at Treehouse NDSM into 🌈🏠

Want a space to write poetry with your besties? Need help actually talking to people after the open mic? Looking for a sensory deprivation chamber to just doodle in together?  QUEERHOUSE is a multi-use, self-organising space where you can chill, eat, write, party, AND be creative (whether you’re a quote unquote “artist” or not).

There will be an interactive exhibition, a community closet, free art supplies, writing & drawing workshops, film screenings, improv classes, performances, and events hosted by some of your favourite Queer Amsterdam organisations such as House of Jungle, Poetry Circle, Unwanted Words, SNEAK-OUT, and Poetry Trapper Keeper.‍



Opening times: July 16th & 17th, 16h-23h; and July 18th to July 21st, 13h-18h

"Bulletin Board” invites artists and non-artists alike to contemplate the notion of community building and displays of queerness. How can we facilitate community building through art? How do we define an artist? A writer? A performer? Queerness? What does a contemporary community bulletin board look like? Whose needs can it serve? What can be offered? ANd how does a growing installation influence our own perceptions of individual artists’ works? In an attempt at answering these questions, BULLETIN BOARD will present a dual sided expography. On one side of the wall, artworks by selected artists; on the other side, visitors will be encouraged to tack on to the show their own thoughts, artworks, considerations, and creative outbursts.

VIP Preview with Poetry Dinner Party Ticket on Monday, July 15th at 19h



July 16th  from 18.30h - 20.30h

In this FREE 2-hour improv workshop held in English, Jess Sanders will run you through a series of improv exercises all about improv as a catalyst for creativity and queer joy.


NO PRIDE IN GENOCIDE: Creativity of the Palestinian Resistance - Film Screening Series | Free entrance

This Pride month, we reject the Israeli government’s pinkwashing to justify their genocidal, colonial project and celebrate the resilience and creativity of the Palestinian resistance. How do you resist oppression when your oppressor blocks every possible way to self-expression? The collection of films we’ll screen deals with this question.

July 16th, 21h-23h | Register
- "Sultana’s Reign" by Hadi Moussally (2023): short film portraying a proud Palestinian drag queen named Sultana. We hear Sultana’s story as a displaced Palestinian, her love of her heritage and her everlasting commitment to be true to herself.
- "5 Broken Cameras" by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi (2011): It is a documentary on a Palestinian farmer's chronicle of his nonviolent resistance to the actions of the Israeli army as the Israeli occupation seizes most of his village’s farmland in the West Bank. Using his five video cameras, each broken by the Israeli military, he portrays a different part of the story of his village's resistance to Israeli oppression.

July 17th, 21h30-23h | Register
- "Homecoming Queenz" by Elias Wakeem (2021): a live performance art documenting the border police’s racist and homophobic questioning when Wakeem and their white, Israeli friend Oz Marinov are interacting with them in drag.
- "The Wanted 18" by Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan (2014): an animated documentary that tells the story of Palestinians in Beit Sahour who, during the First Intifada, attempted to establish a local dairy industry. They hid a herd of 18 dairy cows from Israeli security forces after the dairy collective was declared a threat to Israel's national security. The film features documentary interviews with participants, archival footage, drawings, black-and-white stop-motion animation, and re-enactments.

DOODLE DEN: Drawing Workshop

July 17th, 16h-18h

Join us for Expressive Mark Making! This doodle session held in English focuses on making art that feels good. Leave behind the pressure of perfection and immerse yourself in the pure enjoyment of doodling and sketching. This session is all about creating art that brings you joy and satisfaction.

What you can expect:
Warm-up Activities: Together we create a welcoming space for creative exploration.
Guided Exploration: We will provide gentle guidance and inspiration, helping you explore new techniques and discover the benefits of expressive mark making.
Free Drawing Time: Express yourself freely with a variety of materials provided.
Art Sharing: Share your work and admire the work of fellow participants.

This session is perfect for all artistic levels who are looking to unwind, de-stress, and rediscover the simple pleasure of making art.


TWILIGHT & DESIRE: A Sacred Reading & Writing Workshop

July 17th, 18h30-21h

"What is your personal brand of heroin?"; "Are you attracted to people with the skin of a killer?"; "Do you find yourself wondering: wildest dreams, where the hell have you been loca?!" Join us as we read quotes (in English) from "Twilight" through the theme of desire! This sacred reading and writing workshop is hosted by Jamie Rhiannon Fehribach (@wildernessofpaper), who will guide us in using one of our cult-classic favourites to meaningfully reflect on some of life’s big questions. There are no right or wrong answers - only curiosity, so come as you are and discover what the theme of desire means to you!

During this workshop you will:
- engage in thought-provoking conversations
- write about desire with the help of reflective prompts
- build a creative written piece as a group
- broaden your perspective on what a book like Twilight can actually teach us

Sacred reading is the practice of reading a text mindfully and intentionally. During the reading, we read beyond the surface level narrative of the page and instead explore what the story, characters, or sentences make us think of. Think of it as a game of association, where we are exploring the text and just seeing what it makes us think of, rather than reading the book as we would normally and trying to necessarily understand the plot itself. To guide a sacred reading practice, we select a theme to keep in mind as we read. We then discuss with each other, in order to learn from each other’s perspectives. There is no right or wrong answer, and you can have any background (cultural, religious, other beliefs etc.) to participate in a sacred reading.


More info about the schedule and registration for their events via the link below.

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