28 Jul
Surinamese Flair Meets Italian Fare: A Delicious Duo
July 28, 2024

Date: July 28th               Time: 16h - 19h30          Price: €45 / €5 with Stadspas

Have you ever thought about a delicious plate of homemade pasta as per Italian tradition, but with the unique and traditional flavours of Surinamese spices? Are you intrigued by a tropical tiramisu? This is the experience for you!

Welcome to our culinary journey that combines Italian and Surinamese flavours! This workshop celebrates cultural exchange through food, where we will explore the rich traditions of both cuisines and create dishes that look Italian but have authentic Surinamese flavours.

Led by Vegan Bear Chef and Braids by Mer, residents of Treehouse, this collaboration blends Italian roots with Surinamese heritage. Participants will engage in hands-on cooking, discovering the similarities and differences between our culinary traditions.Throughout the workshop, conducted in English to accommodate all participants, we will explore cooking techniques, regional ingredients, and cultural anecdotes that shape the identity of each dish. Additionally, Mer, a hair stylist specialising in afro hairstyles, will entertain us with fascinating stories and curiosities.

After the workshop, join us for a delightful dinner where we will savour the dishes we have crafted together, fostering new connections and a deeper understanding of the culinary heritage of Italy and Suriname. This evening promises not only a feast for the senses but also a celebration of cultural exchange and culinary creativity.

What's included?

- Welcome bites and drinks
- Hands-on cooking experience
- Dinner with the dishes we will create
- All the recipes, so you can recreate these delicious dishes during the summer!


Language: EN / NL

[Part of the Treehouse Creative School]

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