25 May
The Creative Garden
May 25, 2024

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Our Creative Garden is back again this year! During the summer months, we have a lot of fun workshops and activities prepared for all ages! The kick-off event is free, but the workshops come at an (affordable) price!

Check out the agenda below and register at the link!

May 25th

10h-18h | Kickoff activities [Free] Come by to prepare the garden and terrace! We will clean, plant seeds, and decorate the space. On May 25th, we will also be one of FARMsterdammers’ locations, so bring seeds and plants to exchange them!

Workshops + discussion on gardening + borrel [€7 pp. / €2 with Stadspas]

June 16th

14h-16h | Plant Care for ‘Plant Killers’ by Marta Golka (EN/NL): learn to take care of your house plants in a fun and light-hearted way, and plant your own cuttings (baby plants).

14h-16h | [KIDS from 6 years old] Find it and Paint! by Ossa Kierkegaard (NL/EN): bring wood and stones, and paint them to decorate your garden or balcony. 

Followed by a discussion on natural pesticides and fertilizers by Kris Gonzales (SP/EN)

July 14th

14h-16h | Build Your Own Interactive Plant by Mark Hinch (EN/NL): make your own LED moisture sensor and communicate with your plants!

14h-16h | [KIDS 8-10 years old] Nature Theatre Adventure by Julia Rosenhart (EN/NL): create characters inspired by garden creatures.

Followed by a discussion on medicinal herbs and teas by Kris Gonzales (SP/EN)

August 25th

14h-16h |The Magic of Nature by Vico Persson (EN/NL): make collages with images of nature

14h-16h | [KIDS from 8 years old] Nature Printing by Roos Postma (EN/NL): create beautiful ecological patterns on fabrics with real plants and flowers.

Followed by a discussion on how to protect fruits and vegetables in winter by Vegan Bear Chef [EN]

September 22th

14h-16h | Ink from Plants by Kris Gonzales (SP/EN): make plant-based ink and paint with it!

14h-16h | [KIDS 4-7 years old] Colored Clay Garden by Helga van Stralen (EN/NL): make a collective garden with colored clay.

Followed by a discussion about everything you need to know about bees and their care by Jeroen Worst [EN/NL]

September 12th - October 6th | Exhibition ‘Art Park 2: Rights of Nature’

October 6th | Garden Party! Community celebration with music, food market & lunch! 

12h-14h | Lunch by Vegan Bear Chef

14h-16h | [KIDS from 10 years old] Clay Color Tiles by Dejana Vuckovic (EN/NL): Print herbs and flowers on ceramic tiles, and paint them with colored clay. 

14h-16h | The Ecology of Poetry by Kelly Mullins (EN): You will connect to poetry and ecology through a

series of individual and collaborative writing prompts.

16h-18h | Music by Treehouse’s musicians

Stadspas holders: register via courses@treehousendsm.com

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