15 Jul
Voicecatcher | Democratic workshop & Gesamtkunstwerk
July 15, 2023

Date: July 15th                   Time: 15h-18h                  Free entrance - Register here

In a democracy, all voices are important and should be heard. In reality, many of us feel that our voices are not represented. During the exhibition Hear All Voices, artists Lies Aris and Helga van Stralen will bring the possibility for visitors to sculpt their voice in a Gesamtkunstwerk, which will later be incorporated into this poetry of differences. Bring us your story, complaint, criticism, victories or achievements and let us help you make your message visible in The Voicecatcher: a monument for the plurality of opinions. You can participate in this workshop to express your message in a sculpture, and together we will bring all these small works of art in a bigger form. Voicecatcher will be festively open on July 18th at 18h on the Highlight of the exhibition during Over het Ij festival.

About Helga van Stralen

Helga van Stralen is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. In her work, she is happy to go on an adventure, which results in pieces in different mediums and forms: installations, autonomous images, assemblages, collages and miniatures. Her working method comes close to her desire to “peel off” and “expose”. She often brings discomfort to the table, making it visible and keeping it until it has settled. Helga’s work can be seen regularly at exhibitions and in galleries.

“I try to capture a world in all its mundaneness and poetry, beauty and ugliness, hope and despair, wonder and amazement.”

About Lies Aris

Lies Aris is a sculptor and a writer. She likes to discover surrealism in daily human behaviour. Her latest works are mainly installations made of soft sculptures. She also writes short stories, develops publications and works as a creative writing teacher at various academies. Her work is regularly shown in exhibitions and galleries.

‘My work honours human vulnerability and celebrates the physical. Often it addresses societal abuses in an absurd and abstract way. I see my sculptures as eccentric ‘creatures'. Organisms that live, move and tell us their stories, like a manifesto. Or is it a womanifesto?”

‘Hear all Voices’ exhibition is supported by AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst)

Lies Aris
Helga van Stralen
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH