23 Mar
Workshop: Climbing sun with ink and brush
March 23, 2024

Date: March 23rd    Time: 14h-16h    Price: 40€ p/p incl. material (special price for 2 people 60€)

Sometimes we do not realize enough that we are part of a natural system in which the different seasons follow and complement each other. The professions we have are no longer always dependent on this. As a human being you can sometimes notice that in some months you can handle everything and in others half of your energy is used to heat your body.

The theme of the spring workshop is building energy. You feel Spring, you feel like going out again after that winter. Now finally tackle new ideas or previous wishes properly. But you still don't quite feel the power. Most things start with a good run-up and sophisticated preparation. If you see the value of this structure, everything can feel a little lighter again.

With black ink on white paper you can see what your actions look like and feel how you experience them yourself. Moving with Ink & Brush is mainly about the fun of doing it and a surprisingly beautiful result is a nice bonus.

Reserve a spot by sending an email to sterkinbeeld1@gmail.com

Esther Kin
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH