29 Jun
WORKSHOP: Making Interactive Objects
June 29, 2024

Date: June 29th            Time: 10h - 13h          Price: 50€ Per Person | 10€ with Stadpas

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll quickly cover the basics of microcontrollers, and then we’ll work together to create your very own interactive installation. It’ll even be able to connect to the Internet!

Specifically, we’ll be focusing on making a motion-activated light component. With your learning, you’ll easily be able to take the next steps to using other real-world inputs to invoke other real-world outputs.With your ticket, you’ll get your own electronic components (microcontroller, USB cable, wires, motion sensor and LED light) and together we’ll hook them up to your computer and program them. After the workshop, you can take these home with you to play further.

This workshop will involve some basic programming. If you don’t have any experience or this sounds intimidating, rest assured that you won’t need to write any code yourself, and you can simply copy and paste your way to interactivity.

Electronics: With your ticket you will get an ESP32 microcontroller, a PIR motion sensor, an LED light matrix, jumper wires and a USB-C to USB-Micro cable.

Important notes & requirements: You must bring your own laptop running on either Linux, Windows or Mac OS.


Language: English

[Part of the Treehouse Creative School]

Mark Hinch
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH