Amandelkern - Theatrical concert
June 9, 2023

Date: June 9th        Time: 20h to 21h30         Price: 11 euros presales/ 14 euros at the door


Dance, I want to dance. Gliding over notes that fly through the air. Taking off with a red rose in my hand. Forgetting when my feet touched the ground.

Accompany us to a theatrical concert. Together we make our way through a mind that is growing up, full of both chaos and harmony. We see how thoughts unfold and develop: what changes and what remains.

Julia Rosenhart - Performer
Eva Mareen - Performer
Lisa Verbelen – Coach


Dansen, ik wil dansen. Glijdend over de noten die door de lucht vliegen. En opstijgen met een rode roos in de hand. Vergeten wanneer mijn voeten nog de grond raakten.

Stap met ons in een muzikaal verhaal. We banen ons samen een weg door een hoofd dat opgroeit, vol chaos en harmonie. We zien hoe gedachten zich ontplooien en ontwikkelen doorheen de jaren: wat verandert en wat blijft er verbazingwekkend lang hangen.

Julia Rosenhart - Performer
Eva Mareen - Performer
Lisa Verbelen – Coach


Julia Rosenhart is a singer-songwriter and theatre performer/writer. Her musical career started in her teens, when Jules began writing her own piano pieces. She experimented with instrumental music before she started adding lyrics. After studying “kleinkunst” (theatre and music) in Antwerp for four years, she returned to the Netherlands. The artists that have had a great impact on Jules’ artistic development are Joni Mitchell, Justin Vernon, Kate Bush and Suzanne Vega. Jules loves to compose songs on the piano and synthesiser.

More info about Jules: Instagram


Eva Mareen is a theatre performer and singer. She started her journey with after school theatre lessons, where she found her taste for performing. In 2019, Eva started her degree in acting at the Conservatory in Antwerp and finished her bachelors with honours in 2022. Besides acting she always had a great interest in music. With this performance, she finally has the chance to combine her two passions!

More info about Eva: Instagram

Julia Rosenhart
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1033 WB Amsterdam, NH