22 May
Collective Art Workshops: Exploring Humanity in the Age of AI
May 22, 2024

Dates: May 22nd, June 5th & 12th       Time: 19h - 21h Free entrance (RSVP via link below)

NOTE: attendees must join all 3 sessions as they build on what was done on the previous one.

Join us for a series of creative workshops that delve into the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. In an era where technology develops so rapidly, we reflect on its impact. In these sessions, we discover the various ways AI can be enriching and make us reflect on what it means to be human.

We will begin with conversations inspired by the Socratic method to collectively explore different questions and perspectives. This will be followed by creative expression, in which we draw the ideas and topics that came up during our conversation, as well as experiment with mixing different creative elements together. Finally, we will create a collective art piece.

This workshop is for everyone who doesn’t feel comfortable when hearing about AI because it seems too far from their daily life. The sessions are given by visual artist and filmmaker Colina van Bemmel, who is also navigating the challenges and opportunities AI brings. It is not meant to educate about AI, but it is a way to exchange views and reflect on new perspectives through conversation and artistic expression. As each of the participants would have different backgrounds, this will be a shared journey for all.

[This workshop series is part of the “I log in, therefore I am” exhibition, on view from May 30th to June 23rd]

Colina van Bemmel is an artist and filmmaker from The Netherlands who directs and edits a wide variety of films, documentaries and branded stories. She graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts (Fine Art, 2015) and the SAE Institute (Film Production and Directing, 2018). In her art practice, she blends traditional media such as drawing and photography with moving and immersive experiences.

More info about Colina van Bemmel: Website | Instagram


Language: English / Dutch

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1033 WB Amsterdam, NH