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EXHIBITION: "I log in, Therefore I am"
June 23, 2024

Dates: May 30th – June 23rd          Times: Thursday to Sunday 13h - 18h    Free Entrance

The exhibition ‘I log in, therefore I am’ poses the philosophical question of existence in the digital age. With technologies gaining autonomy through artificial intelligence, it is important to think about the duality of physical and digital realities. Ten artists reflect on the challenges of finding a sense of inner balance while navigating through physical, mental, digital, and virtual presences.

The project ‘I log in, therefore I am’ is curated by Treehouse NDSM resident artist Rucha Kulkarni and co-curated by Camille de Wit, director of Treehouse NDSM. It includes a group exhibition, a series of workshops, and a community art project.  

This exhibition finds inspiration in the mind-body dualism theory of René Descartes (1641) and his best-known statement, "cogito, ergo sum" ("I think, therefore I am"). In today’s times, we recognise the simultaneous presence of our mind in physical, digital, and virtual realities.

This exhibition will map the points where physical and digital realities intersect, as well as focus on the physicality of experiences such as our sense of time, space, touch, and smell, along with the visualisation of the digital.  

Opening event: May 30th at 18h

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Sadie Girigorie, Colina van Bemmel, Mark Hinch, Rucha Kulkarni, Polina Shuvalov, Quintus Glerum, Dawid Dobosz, Daichi Fuwa, Klaudia Opoka, Vishwesh Misrty, Christos Mavrodis, SleepeelS and Jonny Mehrez.


May 22nd, June 5th and June 12th | Exploring Humanity in the Age of AI | Collective Art Workshop Series by Colina van Bemmel.

May 30th | SleepeelS Opening Performance.

June 1st | Open Studios Day during Amsterdam Art Week | Open Studios + 2 exhibitions.

June 1st | Build your own interactive companion | Workshop by Mark Hinch.

/ This exhibition is made possible by the contribution of Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst and Mondriaan Fonds /

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