Date: July 1st           Time: 20h - 00h    Price: 10 euros + admin. costs in presales until 12h on 01/07 then 14 euros at the door

On an evening centred on different flavours of piano, pianist and composer Linde Tillmanns and her band ‘In Sight’ will deliver an organically weird, other-logical and strangely catchy performance. For his set, XA4 invited violin player Hartini van Rijssel, dancer Chris Kokkeel and VJ Studio de Maan to provide an experience to several senses. Apart from works from his new EP “”Glass Gateway released on Phillip Glass’ label, XA4 will also present compositions for violin, piano and electronics that are influenced by gamelan music from Indonesia, where Xavier has his background.

Come to our place, grab a drink, sit on the couch (or dance!), and enjoy the tunes that our talented community is working on during their stay at Treehouse NDSM.


Linde Tillmanns and her band 'In Sight' make modern jazz with the intimacy of a singer-songwriter. The music is unapologetic, lyrical and flowy. Themes vary within their set: pieces such as 'Entering the Doughnut' and 'We're all Hypocrites so let's try together' explore the theme of individuals being related to global issues. Newer compositions such as 'Silently Screaming' draw from a more personal source of inspiration: loss and grief. The sextet takes inspiration from jazz masters such as Aaron Parks, McCoy Tyner and Alice Coltrane, as well as Irish and Swedish traditional music.

More about Linde: Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

Band members:

Floris van Elderen

Daniel Clason

Anosh ter Haar

Moro Osito Von Ropi

Tania Zountsa


The style of piano master and composer XA4 (Xavier Boot) is hard to define. His music is a unique blend of acoustic piano, electronic extensions, and soundscapes created using samples from his old Bechstein grand piano. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, from minimal and ambient to classical and electronic, XA4 creates a sound that is entirely his own.

Xavier began his musical journey at a young age, to which he quickly showed prodigious talent. He studied classical piano at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Düsseldorf and later pursued a master's degree in live electronic music. Along the way, he has won prizes for his piano playing and composed music for prize-winning films.

More about XA4: Instagram | Spotify | Website


Chris Kokkeel is a dancer, choreographer, and director. He studied at the Dutch National Ballet Academy and Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts. Inspired by Michael Jackson and Ryuichi Sakamoto, he combines classical and free dance with singing and performance. Music and sound form the foundation of his creations, infused with social and philosophical influences. With a background in hip-hop and classical ballet, Chris quickly gained recognition for his talent and continued his training at the Fontys Dance Academy. He later joined the Dutch National Ballet Academy and completed his pre-education at Lucia Martas Institute for Performing Arts.


Martin Boverhof and Anne Gentenaar, work together at Studio de Maan since 2015. At the end of the 1990s, they started their creative and cultural journey through Music, Beamers, Cameras, Video Effects and Digital Media. They have now developed their studio into a company that helps creatives, companies, organizations and governments to visualize a message or story in a special way. Their expertise being Project Design, VJ Performance, and Content Creation.



Live at our Place is a series of monthly intimate concerts by Treehouse NDSM’s musicians-in-residence. Our industrial Pavilion building will be turned into the musicians’ own living room, tuned each time to their own particular style and vibe. We invite you to our place, grab a drink, sit on the couch (or dance!), and enjoy the tunes that our talented community is working on during their stay at Treehouse NDSM.

In partnership with We Are Public.

July 1, 2023
Xavier Boot
tt. neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam, NH